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Is Your Home Heating Up?

Schedule AC repair services in Brooks, Peachtree City or Fayetteville, GA

Summers in Georgia can be miserable if you don't have a working air conditioner. Don't sweat in your home all season long - reach out to an expert at A-OK Heating & Cooling for AC repair services. Our HVAC contractors are proud to serve homeowners in Peachtree City, Fayetteville and Brooks, GA.

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5 signs that you need AC repair services

Wondering whether you should schedule AC repair services in Fayetteville, Brooks or Peachtree City, GA? Contact a professional to schedule repairs if you:
  • Notice temperature changes between your rooms
  • See water leaks or puddles by the air conditioner
  • Hear banging or buzzing noises near your unit
  • Smell foul odors coming from your system
  • Feel the humidity rising in your home

If you notice any of these signs of damage, reach out to our skilled HVAC contractor ASAP.